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Jeonbuk Ilbo

July 14, 2010

Recently I was asked to contribute something to the Jeonbuk Ilbo newspaper, in the process becoming the first non-Korean, regular contributor in the papers’s 60 year history.

Fr the time being I am contributing on average an article a week on life in the province and particularly in Jeonju city. I write the articles in English and they are then translated in to Korean before being published in the actual newspaper and on the associated website.

The first article is here, in both English and Korean and here, on the newspaper’s website, in Korean only.


Daegu Pockets

November 1, 2009

Nov daegu pockets.pdf

Click here for the article, including the second page, as a PDF.

Seoul – Travel and Culture Magazine

June 29, 2009

Sonorous Voices, Deep Cultures – Jeonju International Sori Festival

Sori festival, Joenju 2009, Seoul travel and culture magazine

Click here for the entire article as a PDF

Jeonju – Korea’s Cultural Heartland

Jeonju, Seoul travel and culture magazine, September 2009

Click here for the entire article as a PDF

Damyang – Bamboo town


Click here for the PDF

Groove Korea articles

May 16, 2009

For a full PDF of the Zianichi Koreans article click here

For a full PDF of the Okinawa travel article click here

Combat Magazine

May 14, 2009

martial invaders, martial arts in Korea, combat mag, september 2009

Click here for a PDF of the article

Same Name, Different Rules

Click here for a PDF of the full article

Fuelling Taekwondo

Click here for the full PDF

The Philosophy For a Better Life

Click here for the full PDF

Taekwondo in Korea

Click here for a PDF

Korea Herald articles

May 14, 2009